Day 5 on Day 6 #40daysofhijab

Day5I was way too exhausted last night to write a blog about the day.  I’m an introvert and every Sunday morning I work at my church (I’m the children’s director there), and inevitably every Sunday I am wiped out from all of the interaction I’ve had with other human beings. And yesterday, I not only went to church, I also went to a party in the evening. I was beyond exhausted…so exhausted that I let my son sleep in this morning and he, my daughter, and I ended up staying home today. No preschool, no run to Steak n Shake to get my large diet cherry coke…and if you know me, you know I don’t go a day without my large diet cherry coke from Steak n Shake. We needed a day at home, which meant no hijab today…so it’s a good thing I didn’t try to write anything last night!

Rewinding to yesterday…

My husband Jeff was leading worship at church yesterday, which meant he needed to be out of the house around 6:45am. This means that I have to get my butt out of bed on time, and get myself and both kids ready, fed, and out the door by 7:45 on my own. Of course they woke up grumpy, and uncooperative and it was not fun. After getting mostly ready myself, and then getting the kids ready, the only thing I had left to do was put on my hijab. We were already running late…it was pushing 8 o’clock. Well, up until that morning I had had an easy time put on my hijab before I left the house. This morning was bad. I could not seem to get it to cooperate! It kept moving and sliding all over the place, didn’t look right on my forehead, and I couldn’t get it to cover the back of my hair down by my neck. I was ticked. My hijab was making me late for work! Have you ever had that problem?

As soon as I got it situated as best I could, I whisked the kids out the door and we headed off to church…at 8:15. Bad start to the day. Many people at church know what I have committed to for Lent, but many don’t. So my morning was filled with compliments on my headscarf, conversations with friends, and explanations to other friends that hadn’t heard about my commitment. I’m sure there were plenty of stares from people that I didn’t notice, and that’s okay. I had one friend who came up to me and said, “You are the reason we go to this church! People like you!”. She had been reading my blog and loved the commitment that I was making. It was very sweet and encouraging to hear that from her.

When we got home from church I was completely wiped out and ready to get that scarf off of my head! After nap time, for the kids that is, and a relaxing afternoon, it was time to get ready for the Oscars party we had been invited to. People would be going to the party dressed up as different characters from movies that had been nominated. The kids just put on random dress up clothes from their toy room, I wasn’t going to dress up, and I didn’t think Jeff was going to either-we hadn’t seen most of the movies that were up for nomination, and we deliberately chose not to see American Sniper. This wasn’t specifically because it was a war movie, although we don’t like war, but we had read many reviews from people, whom we didn’t know, saying awful things about Muslims and Arabs in general after seeing it. We don’t want to support something that once again portrays all Muslims in a bad light to Americans. While we were getting ready to go Jeff said, “I think I’ll get out my scarf and dish-dash and dress up as an American Sniper victim”. I was like WHAT?!?!?!?! He said it was his ironic protest of the movie.

So, off we went to the party–a ninja, a princess, a Muslim man, and me…wearing hijab. We arrived at the party started mingling right away. While I am an introvert, I do love hanging out with people, it just exhausts me. People would ask Jeff what he was dressed up as and he would tell them, followed by a statement that declared that I was NOT dressed up and I was simply wearing hijab for Lent. Now that’s a confusing statement…”oh, my wife’s not dressed up, she’s just wearing that head scarf for Lent”…um….okay. Let’s just say I explained my commitment to many people that night. And I got a very positive response from everyone. There was one guy there, named Aaron, who had dreads. I love to compliment people if they have dreads, and also get feedback on mine. I started to talk to him and after a little while I told him that I loved his dreads! I then proceeded to tell him that I have dreads too…but I couldn’t show them to him. I was a little sad about that, but oh well. After being at the party for about two hours we decided it was time to leave because our children do need a certain amount of sleep or they turn into gremlins.

Excluding the start to my day, yesterday was an overall positive experience. Honestly, the novelty of the whole thing is starting to wear off, but I’ve still got 34 days to go…

Grace and peace.