Day 14 #40daysofhijab

My oh my. What an emotional roller coaster today has been. If you hadn’t heard I had an interview with a journalist from Buzzfeed yesterday and the article was published early this morning here. It truly was a great article and of course there are people out there who will read things that they don’t like in it, and that is okay. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts when people are bashing you in the comment section of the article, of which I have mostly stopped reading. The reason I stopped reading them is because it was quite evident that they did not follow the link to my blog and read my whole journey from Day 1. Therefore, I am trying my best to shake it off 🙂

Honestly for the most part the article has received great feedback. People I know quite well, and others I have never had the chance to meet are defending me in replies on the article and that is encouraging. Having articles written about this journey is not why I am doing this. I’m not seeking out ways to get in the news, but if people want to ask questions, I don’t mind talking to them, and I hope it relays a message that we can all break down barriers.

Moving on from the article…kind of…

I want to take some space to thank people for the positive things that have been said to me through this. These things are what truly inspire me and encourage me that it may be making a difference in some people’s lives.

One person wrote this to me early this morning:

“…what I mostly see these days is an increasing misunderstanding about Muslims by a lot of people,it was nice to see someone who can understand our side of the story and that in the end we’re all humans and not all bad.” -Sania

There is so much truth in what Sania is saying. We are all humans, each person an individual unlike any other. And we all need to remember that, and to understand people on a personal level, and not make assumptions about individuals because of what we hear generally from outside sources.

Comments like Sania’s have kept me afloat today. Just knowing that Muslims and non-Muslims alike have been encouraged by this is humbling.

Today I am reminding myself why I am doing this. I am putting myself in another person’s shoes in order to better understand, even if slightly, what life in the world is like for them. Putting on the practice of hospitality.

May we all strive to be better humans, who are actively participating in our increasingly pluralistic society-energetically engaging with diversity and actively seeking understanding across lines of difference. (

Grace & Peace.

If you’re interested in what my husband thought about today, you can check it out here.