Day 16 Part b #40daysofhijab

Day15Day 16 is complete. It was once again…pretty normal. I’m beginning to realize that there is much less face-to-face hatred in the world.

DrivingtoDelevanSee, Jeff and I decided to go out to dinner in a small town of about 1,700 people to a restaurant where our friend Phil works. While we were there I got a nice long stare and a half smile from a guy that went something like this…HalfSmilebut imagine it more like this…

oldmanDon’t get me wrong, I received my fair share of hatred today. You can see it in the comments of my blog, all of which I have approved. I’m assuming people say these types of things on the internet because there seems to be an infinite amount of space between them and the person they are writing to…and not seeing that person as a human being. It’s difficult…and it’s depressing. It’s depressing to feel as if our world, and people who call themselves Christians, haven’t learned to love other human beings, all of whom have been created in the image of God.

But I still have hope. I hear hope in the words of Jesus, telling us to live a better way…to love our neighbors, strangers, and enemies. And to know there are other people out there trying to live this out as best as they can, now that, that gives me hope.*

Grace & Peace.

*You can find that hope in the comments as well.