Day 17 #40daysofhijab

Hello friends…day 17 is finished. Today started out kind of crazy. I had a missed phone call from a number I didn’t recognize at 6:30am and another from the same number later in the morning. When I was finally able to connect with the woman calling me, I found out she was a producer from CNN. I think she may have had a British accent, but I couldn’t exactly tell because she was talking rapidly like it was an emergency that she set up an interview with me. Seriously, she was talking so fast that I had to go into the bathroom at 30/30 Coffee just to keep track of her words.

Then at 10:30am a producer from ABC Nightline was calling me to talk about doing a possible story…so again I stood in the bathroom at 30/30, but this time I was in there for about 30 minutes. He was much more calm, asking questions like “What is your purpose in doing this?” and “What do your days look like in life?”…And I was like…. “um….sometimes I work at my office at church, and um…I do my work from home too….and uh I take my son to preschool, and oh I’m part of a moms group at my church…oh and sometimes we have people over for dinner!” And I said, “Seriously, I’m a mom of two toddlers…I don’t get out much!” Aside from my non-existent social life I think it went pretty well. He said he would pitch it to the “higher ups” and let me know if they are going to do a story.

I asked him what that would entail, what that would look like, what would it be about. He basically told me that if they did a story, he would come here and follow me around for 24 hours….um what? I told my husband Jeff we are gonna have to clean this house if someone is going to follow me around for 24 hours! No, we’re gonna need 20 people to come over and help us clean our house! I’ll let you guys know when the sign up sheet is available 🙂

After that whirlwind of events I went home and fell over. After I recuperated I went to my grandmas house and helped around her house, and she graciously said she would keep the kids again tonight…because I have a live interview with CNN in the morning. So I went to the grocery store for her and picked up a pizza for the kids.

While I was at Kroger with my 3 year old daughter, a little girl who was probably about 7, walked right up to me and said, “She is sooooooo cute!”. It was sweet. And while I was at Little Caesars I swear every person that walked in looked directly at me and asked if I had been waited on yet. It felt…odd.

But anyway, I’m back at my house reviewing my answers to the questions that CNN will be asking me in the morning…I have awful stage fright! If you pray, please pray that God gives me the right words to say. And if you want to watch, it will be on CNN at 9:30 central time.

Here’s to loving our neighbors, strangers, and enemies.

Grace & Peace.