Day 23 #40daysofhijab

Hey everyone! It’s the end of day 23. I have had a lot of hate on Twitter the last couple of days and I can’t lie, it’s tough to deal with. Bullying is awful. I am sorry if I have offended you in anyway. But at the same time, I am choosing to continue in what I am doing, because the I know that it has encouraged many Muslim and Christian women all over the world.

Moving on…

I want to talk a little bit about yesterday! I took my kiddos to Barnes and Noble in the morning for story time. It was our first time and it was so much fun. There happened to be a woman wearing hijab who brought her children as well. She introduced herself and told me that she recognized me. Haha. She was so sweet! We chatted for awhile about work and the schools our kids go to, and we became friends on Facebook!

I love making connections like this, it gives me hope. Hope for a better world. Hope of breaking down barriers. And hope of building friendships.

Striving to love neighbors, strangers, and enemies.

Grace & Peace.