Day 34 on the morning of day 35 #40daysofhijb

Today was an amazing day and also one of the most exhausting days of my life. Well, this week has been exhausting actually, which is why I haven’t been writing. If you’ve been reading my blog you may remember that I am an introvert 🙂 See, my husband is switching organizations and will be working with the Isaac Ishmael Initiative. Their vision is to promote peace between Jews, Muslims, and Christians, and engaging in interfaith dialogue. Therefore Jeff decided to have all of his supporters over this week to personally tell them about the transition. So we have had guests at our house, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights this week. It has been amazing, but so very tiring for this girl.

Today, Anna, a video journalist from the BBC, arrived at my house at about 7:15 this morning. Oh, and Jeff woke up with the stomach flu. So….I had to get myself and the kids ready while engaging with Anna, who was so sweet and great with the kids! Anna went with us to church to see what I do and to talk with some people in my church community. It was a crazy morning with people filling in and subbing for various volunteers that could not make it, meeting new families, and connecting with friends. Anna couldn’t keep track of me because I was in a million different places.

After a long morning at church the kids and I went home for nap time and Anna and I parted ways for a couple hours. I was planning on having some friends from the Muslim community over in the afternoon, but had to switch up our meeting place because of the stomach flu being present in our home. So we met at Barnes and Noble. Because of various conflicts, only one friend could make it, and it was Saira, whom I met just two weeks ago at Barnes and Noble story time!

Just let me tell you, Saira is truly an amazing woman. We ordered some drinks at the cafe and walked over to the children’s area to set up for the interview…only to have a manager tell us that we couldn’t do it in the store! So, since we couldn’t go to my flu infested house, and it was a little chilly outside, Saira said we could go to her house. She is awesome!

We arrived at her house and her husband and son greeted us at the door. They were so nice and welcoming. Her son was so adorable and wanted to know everything about Anna’s equipment. It was precious.

First, Anna interviewed Saira, and she was amazing. I loved hearing about her story and I even got teary eyed at one point. It was beautiful, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. She then interviewed me, and I’m sure it was far less eloquent 🙂

When we wrapped up we all parted ways and I was ready to go home and crash…and keep track of my kids of course, because I had left them at home with a very sick father! Little did I know that Obi and Guinny really wanted me to take them to McDonald’s playland. Ugh. I did it, and they had a good time, and they ate surprisingly well. We went home and it was past their bedtimes, but we still did bath time and then FINALLY bed time. To say that I’m mentally exhausted from today’s events would be an understatement…but here I am, typing at 2am, because I can’t sleep. My body is being cruel to me 🙂

I so look forward to hearing Saira on the interview whenever it comes out!

Still striving to love neighbors, strangers, and enemies.

Grace & Peace.