Happy Easter! #40daysofhijab

Happy Easter everyone!

I have to say I’m pretty excited that Easter is here 🙂 It was a long Lenten season, and not at all what I thought it would be when I started. When I started I was hoping to get a small insight from my experience about what it is like for a Muslim woman in the public eye in the States, and maybe being able to challenge a few people that I knew to look beyond the veil. What it became was a journey that reached many parts of the world, that stirred up controversy, some hate, and a lot of love and support.

Here are a few of the most memorable parts of my journey…

  1. The love and support I received from friends and family (and even strangers) was amazing, especially my husband Jeff and my friend Nermeen. I couldn’t ask for better supporters than these two…and now I have to find all of the scarves I borrowed so I can return them!
  2. Wearing the hijab for me personally is totally different from a Muslim woman in my community wearing it. The one thing I was able to experience was constant staring, which I know is only the tip of the iceberg for Muslim women in America.
  3. I met a new wonderful friend named Saira, who is such an amazing human being. She has a very nice husband and two adorable children. I hope to get to know her and her family more over the next few months and years to come.
  4. The internet is a craaaazy place. One person’s story can spread across the world in a matter of hours…and then make that person want to crawl back in bed and hide under the covers 🙂 It brought out some hate and many encouraging words from beautiful people from North America, Egypt, Jordan, Germany, Indonesia, and many other places.
  5. Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab or burqa are quite committed people. Committed to modesty, to God, to their faith, and to putting that on every single day…for the rest of their lives. That is a huge decision that I’m not sure I could make.

I wouldn’t give back these past 40 days for anything. It was such an eye opening experience that gave me hope. A hope for people of all faiths to find and follow the straight path, the path the God leads us on, wherever we may find him. Thank you for being a part of my journey –  for following along and participating and growing with me.

My husband and I are embarking on a new journey with the Isaac Ishmael Initiative, a nonprofit organization, with our friend Brian, promoting peace and dialogue among Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Please support us with your prayers as we discover what God has for us in the future. If you’d like to find out more about the Isaac Ishmael Initiative you can click here. If you are interested in financially supporting us as we dive into this new adventure, you can sign up here. The drop down menu has “Issac Ishmael Initiative: Eagan Account”.

Thank you so much for your love and support.

Remember to strive everyday to look past appearances, and love neighbors, strangers, and enemies.

Go in grace & peace.