Old and New Friends

Hey Everyone! I’ve finally uncluttered my mind enough to write again, and I can’t wait to tell you what happened last week!

Last week my husband Jeff had to go to Houston for a week of school. He decided he was going to stay with some of our friends who had moved down there about a year ago. A few days after we booked his flight I realized that Bassel Riche (creator of #muslims4lent) lived in Houston. I told Jeff that he should most definitely get together with him while he’s down there.

I contacted Bassel, to see if he would want to get together with Jeff and he said sure…adding that I should come too. Well, that’s kind of difficult when you have two toddlers attached to you at all times 🙂 But…it was so tempting…and I had Southwest points that would pay for the flight. So I rounded up people to watch my kids and booked a flight. Wait, actually I booked a flight and THEN found people to watch my kids!

My friend Courtney, who has 3 toddlers and is about 9 months pregnant, offered (for some reason) to keep my kids last Thursday and Friday…overnight. She is truly amazing. She then took them to my grandma’s house, where they stayed the night, and then on Saturday to my mom’s house…to stay the night. My poor kids 🙂 With this great support system I was able to go on the trip I had already booked 🙂

On Thursday morning I handed the kids off to Courtney, and left to catch the bus to Chicago. My flight was supposed to get into Houston at 8:30pm…but of course it was delayed because of weather and I didn’t get in until 10:30pm. Jeff picked me up at the airport and we headed to Mike and Sarah’s place. We stayed up and chatted for a couple hours…and I fell asleep on the couch.

During the day on Friday I hung out with Sarah and her littles, while Jeff was in class. Around 5:30pm I met up with Jeff and his classmates for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.It was a nice time of drinking, eating, and chatting. It was nice to meet some of the people with whom Jeff is going through seminary.

The next part of our evening is where the best part comes…we left to meet up with Bassel. We left the restaurant to go to the cafe where we were meeting up. We arrived early to have some alone time, without other adults or our children 🙂 After an hour or so, Bassel arrived with his good friend Salmaa. We were instant friends. We talked about where we were from, culture, and ‘Merica. We asked them about ideas for how Christians can respond to Muslims who participated in #Muslims4Lent, and came up with some great ideas. Honestly we talked for hours and it was wonderful. It felt as if the four of us were kindred spirits, and I feel that great things can come from the four of us working together.

IMG_9345 IMG_9606Loving neighbors, strangers, and enemies.

Grace & Peace.