Family Examen

My husband is a great dad!

frontal lobotomy

Spending a full day with preschoolers is kind of like doing a 100-mile bike ride (aside from the lack of health benefits).  When you ride your bike for 100 miles, no individual mile is really much more difficult or easy than another.  But, over time, you realize its wearing on you, and if you don’t keep your head in the game it will get ugly and you might die.  In my world today, that wear came about 3:45 and from that point on I was focused on making it to the end.  Fingers crossed, today is over.

It was one of those days – just a long bike ride type parenting day.

Around 10 this morning, the kids and I left the house to go to the grocery store.  It was at this point that I realized how large they both are, when I put them into one shopping cart…

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